Michiel 7 May 2021

It’s May, although you wouldn’t know it from the temperatures in Holland 🙂 If you act quickly, you can still prepare your garden for Summer. Dutch newspaper Dagblad van het Noorden shared 6 good tips. We have picked the best and collected a few more from our gardenersto present you the most useful ones:

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Michiel 26 February 2021

In its latest commercial, Dutch insurer ASR illustrates nicely how it is often better to repair wood flooring in a sustainable way than to replace it. MrFix does that too: we help Customers to repair and improve their homes & appliances instead of scrapping things. For example, before every paint job we ask if you would like to reuse leftover paint.

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Michiel 23 February 2021

Both Customers and contractors often ask us who is actually responsible for cleaning up after the job. The simple answer is: agree that clearly with each other before the job starts. But please make sure first that it is clear how the expert will keep the Customer’s home as clean as possible.

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Michiel 5 February 2021

It looks like the coming week will be freezing cold: we’re looking forward to having fun in the snow and on ice! Are you so Dutch that you’re going to get your skates or sled from the shed, attic or cellar? Then check the taps and water pipes while you’re there! MrFix gives you tips to prevent them from freezing. And tips for when they do burst!

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Michiel 29 January 2021

Winter is in full swing: this is the ideal time to book a painter, especially for the outside of your house. Outdoor painters are busiest from April to October: in that limited season, the best painters are booked up months in advance. That is why February is an ideal month to request an exterior paint job: then you can still choose among different skilled painters and execution dates. That is doubly true this year due to the lockdown. Many Customers only book an outdoor painter once the lockdown has ended. They risk having to wait months for a good painter. You don’t need to run that risk, because with MrFix you can always postpone your job. Read our tips for smart outsourcing of paint jobs here & below and request your outdoor paint job then.

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Michiel 22 January 2021

Since the lockdown began on 15 December our handyman heroes have bravely continued to work Corona-safely. MrFix has not yet experienced a single case of contamination of Customer by contractor or vice versa! We are counting on our experts and Customers to remain vigilant now that the night-time curfew will take effect nationwide on 23 January. We understand from (articles in Dutch, sorry) that the curfew does not need to affect home repair work. It does remain vital to use your common sense: do not request a home repair job if you have symptoms and do follow the following guidelines so that our expert can continue to doing your jobs safely!

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Michiel 15 December 2020

Our expert can do your job while you and he remain safe from Corona

Since Covid-19 arrived in the Netherlands MrFix has not detected any case of contamination of the Customer by our experts or vice versa. But please remain vigilant! Since the lockdown started on 15 December our handymen have continued to work bravely and Corona-safely. We ask you to use common sense: do not order a contractor if you have Corona symptoms and follow these guidelines so your expert can do your job in a Corona-safe manner

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Michiel 4 December 2020

So the big moment has finally come: you’ve signed the house purchase contract or lease! You’re on Cloud Nine despite the chaos and you can’t wait to move into your new home. Of course you’ve already started looking for a new floor, furniture and wallpaperor paint, but how do you get your precious furniture and other possessions moved in one piece? We have 6 top tips for preparing your removal!

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