Faye Feller 24 June 2020

23 March 2020, the date that the Dutch government decides to go into an intelligent lockdown. It is around that date that many Dutch people decide to take care of their house with all that extra time (without spending it on the pub, a hangover or the football club). Everybody had a job, small or big, that needs to be done but for which there was never time. Until Corona… Like the rest of the country, you stepped into the construction market in good spirits, got the necessary materials and started the renovation with confidence. Yes, let’s go for it!

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Faye Feller 16 June 2020

It’s Father’s Day this Sunday the 21 June! The perfect day to put your dad in the spotlight. But what would he actually like to get? Not another shower gel, bottle of gin or aftershave… That’s why MrFix has come up with three original Father’s Day gifts for you!

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Faye Feller 10 June 2020

MrFix helps your home repair job run smoothly. We use technology cleverly for your convenience. For example, we create a WhatsApp group for each job so you have direct contact with your expert, he shares ‘Before’ & ‘After’ photos and we email his invoice with a credit card payment link. For most Customers our service is incredibly easy to use. But what if you’re over 90 and don’t have an email address, let alone a smartphone or computer?

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Michiel 10 June 2020

You’ve cancelled the expensive Summer Holiday and staying at home doesn’t sound bad at all, especially after the sunniest spring in Holland ever! But what to do with your holiday money? Over the past few weeks, several Customers have told us that (as major Dutch newspaper AD recommends) they use their holiday money to “refurbish, renovate or make their home more sustainable”…

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Faye Feller 14 May 2020

The MrFix expert who does his job right the 1st time is a true home repair hero. He or she fixes problems, renovates your bathroom within a week and improves your home in all manners. MrFix is built on great experts! At the request of several Customers, we introduce our heroes to you, starting with gardener Patrick….

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Faye Feller 8 May 2020

You wake up from sunlight gently stroking your face through the curtains. You open your sleepy eyes and smell the scent of freshly baked croissants. Lovely! This is how Mother’s Day should start: full of peace, warmth and love. But… *KRGHRGKRG* What’s that racket?! Soon this…

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Faye Feller 29 April 2020


MrFix launched a crowdfund campaign in March 2016 to take the first step outside Amsterdam: ‘MrFix The Hague’. In 2019 we repaid the first half of the loans (with interest) and this week we repaid the second half. That means we’ve paid everyone back in full and can completely focus on helping you fix!

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Faye Feller 24 April 2020

3 tips to make your balcony/roof terrace quarantine-proof

The sun is shining: hello Spring! It promises to be a great summer full of terraces, parks, friends and beach. Or not… Now that we are all tied to our homes, a nice outdoor spot is extra important. Summer is just around the corner so this is the perfect time to turn your balcony or roof terrace into your favourite spot! MrFix therefore shares these 3 tips to make your balcony/roof terrace qurantaine-proof.

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