One-off-cleaning? Cleaning service MrFix!

Do you want your old house or your new house to be spick and span before you leave and/or move in? Do you have business premises and/or offices that need to be taken care of, or just a nice, thorough spring clean? Our certified cleaners are ready for you! Fill in the form above and MrFix will connect you within 1 hour to that professional cleaner. The standard rate is €45/h incl. VAT and call-out charges.
You are moving house and realise that the place is really dirty and you don’t want to move in or leave your old house like that. For urgent jobs read more below. You will also find information about our customer reviews, recently placed cleaning jobs, guarantee and tips.

Why MrFix?

  • MrFix vets and picks the best local cleaner
  • You choose when the cleaner is welcome: 24/7
  • Rate €45/h incl. VAT and call-out charge, or first a quote

Follow the steps below to request cleaning

  • Use the web form above or mail or call 020-6750333
  • MrFix tells you within 1 hour when which expert comes
  • Pay securely afterwards via iDeal, bank or credit card


Recent jobs - professional cleaner

Professionele schoonmaker - Baden Powellweg - Amsterdam

Urgent: Clean entire house - AM

Spoed: Professionele schoonmaker gezocht in Amsterdam om mijn huis vandaag schoon te maken, inclusief keuken en badkamer! (Urgent: Professional cleaner wanted in Amsterdam to clean my house, including kitchen and bathroom, today!)

Professionele schoonmaker - Ten Katestraat - Amsterdam

Deep clean (steam etc) trappenhuis carpets - AM

Professional cleaner in Amsterdam wanted to Our trappenhuis carpet is extremely dirty and we would like to have it professionally cleaned. Shampoo/steam are both options, it's older carpet but we'd like it to look as nice as possible. I have attached a P...

Professionele schoonmaker - Prunuslaan - Amstelveen

Clean (dust, vacuum & mop) home including windows - AM

Professional cleaner wanted to clean a home in Amstelveen: Entryway (deep clean of floor) Living room Kitchen 1.5 bathrooms Laundry room 3 bedrooms Dust, vacuum, mop, windows

Professionele schoonmaker - Pontsteiger - Amsterdam

Clean laminate floors, stone balcony and windows of 115m2 apartment - AM

Ik zoek een professionele schoonmaker in Amsterdam om de laminaatvloeren, stenen balkon en ramen (binnen en buiten de ramen) van ons 115m2 appartement schoon te maken nadat de elektricien de verlichting heeft ge�nstalleerd. ('I need a professional cl...

Professionele schoonmaker - Abel Tasmanstraat - Almere

Clean 190m2 house including windows - HI

Professionele schoonmaker in Almere gezocht om een huis van 190m2 inclusief de ramen schoonmaken. (Professional cleaner wanted in Almere to clean a 190m2 house including the windows.)

Professionele schoonmaker - IJburglaan - Amsterdam

Get rid of water stain in bathroom - AM

Professional cleaner in Amsterdam to get rid of water stains in the bathroom ASAP.



Recent reviews (5709)

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Erin: "Talented electrician, friendly guy. I especially loved that when installing the ceiling fan remote he asked, “do you have children?” And when I said yes, he suggested a better, more kid-friendly place to put it—out of reach! My daughter is still ver..."

Score: 4.7/5.0 stars

Laura: "MrFix made my move easy. I had several major repairs installations, and cleaning that I needed done fast. MrFix made it easy to schedule them all quickly without the hassle of finding each expert myself. I also really like their set prices. No haggling! F..."

Score: 4.7/5.0 stars

Marina: "As usual, Mr Fix found me the right expert in a short time. The expert Veeru spotted the problem and fixed it immediately. He was professional, friendly and explained the problem and solution in a very clear and honest way. Thank you again! Fast service,..."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Mary: "Communication and service was great! I submitted the form late at night and got an appointment already for early the next morning. My electrician, Bogdan, and his colleague were great!! They even did me a huge favor of buying the parts at Gamma for me tha..."

Score: 4.3/5.0 stars

Ashley: "Despite the challenges faced by the floor repair man, he managed to show ingenuity, excellent craftmanship and dedication to complete the job with quality. The MrFix experience does include too many forms of communication (emails and whatsapp), but in the..."

Score: 3.7/5.0 stars

Marie-Albane: "The website, team, communication is brilliant. However, the expert that came to my house haven’t solved the problem at all with a diagnostic saying ‘you need to replace this piece’ but unable to tell me which piece I need to buy to replace so it is..."

Score: 4.7/5.0 stars

Florian: "Ton did a very good job and communication was very good and upfront. However, with the first contractor (Hendrik), communication was inexistant. Tried to reach him for 1 week before the job to explain what need to be done. Was unable to get a hold of him..."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Laura: "MrFix found a someone to lay kitchen wall tiles very quickly, then proceeded to create a WhatsApp group and the expert was in my house a few days later. The job was very well done and the pricing was transparent. Highly recommended! Fast service, Clear co..."


schoonmaken - tarief

One-off cleaning - Rates

MrFix is clear in its rates. We have agreed with our selected cleaners a fixed hourly rate of €45 including call-out charges, VAT and use of professional cleaning equipment.

Low VAT rate for the big clean!

Since 2009, the Dutch government has been helping to keep professional cleaners affordable by applying the reduced VAT rate of 6%. See the rules. Note: this only applies to homes older than 2 years and applies to labour and materials.

From furniture cleaning to major cleaning

MrFix does not only arrange for a cleaner to steam or chemical clean your furniture or carpet. We can also provide a team of cleaners who will clean your house within a day before you move in or before you leave. Again, there are many options and the term professional cleaner is broad: we also offer chimney sweepers, gutter cleaners and window cleaners and professionals for other types of outdoor cleaning: think balconies, terraces or tiles in your garden.

Cleaning jobs of all sizes

When you have an extensive cleaning job, it is best to call in an experienced cleaning company. This way you can be sure that the room will be cleaned properly and quickly in one go. If your cleaner or cleaning lady is a great success, we will be happy to refer you to your favourite when you make repeat cleaning requests!

Easily book a cleaner

How does MrFix help you to find the best cleaner? Simple: fill in the form and we will match your job immediately with the right professional.
MrFix always has a cleaner ready for you. Place your job by filling in the request form and MrFix will arrange for a competent cleaner. Use this form also if you want to receive a quotation first.
How to request a cleaner:

  • Select the “JOB TYPE” and summarise your request under “JOB SUMMARY”
    You can add 1 or 2 photos from your PC, tablet or smartphone. This is not required but can be helpful!

  • Make your “DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF JOB” as precise as possible: please specify measures, obstructions or other limitations.
  • Choose if you prefer “An expert ASAP” or “First a quote”. If you choose “First a quote” then we will provide the expert’s estimate except if the project is bigger than ~€500 / 1 day of work. In the latter case we quote his fixed price, usually after a (paid) inspection visit.

For further questions about gardener rates see the Rates page or call us on 020-675 0333 (Mon-Thu 8:00-21:00h, Fri-Sat 9:00-18:00h AND Sun 15:00-19:00h).


One-off cleaning - Urgent

The licensed cleaner through MrFix does your job right the first time. Every cleaner / cleaning company that works through MrFix is a professional freelancer and always personally screened by us.

Urgently One-off cleaning?

Imagine, you are a guest at a nice dinner party or a sleepover and you (or maybe your child) spills a glass of red wine on the new white sofa or carpet. You would like to clean up such an accident immediately, but that might require a professional cleaner.Fill in the form above and MrFix finds you the right expert ASAP. Please indicate clearly when the cleaner is welcome (green) / not (red).
You can also order a professional cleaner in the weekend via MrFix! For jobs that take longer or are not urgent you can also have our professional cleaner visit you for recording, advice and, if desired, a quotation.
Our professional cleaners are ready to carry out every conceivable cleaning job in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and other major cities in the Netherlands such as Eindhoven, Breda, Maastricht, Enschede and Groningen.

Big clean – warranty and surcharge

In addition, the work of our cleaners is covered by a triple guarantee: the contractor’s guarantee, his liability insurance and his courtesy as a partner of MrFix. That is one less thing to worry about.
Please note that for urgent jobs, jobs after 6 p.m. or jobs at the weekend or on public holidays, we charge a surcharge of 50%.

Tip: fresh scent when vacuuming

The hoover often gives off a musty smell. You can easily remedy this by vacuuming up a little washing powder before you start. It is as if the whole house has been washed!

MrFix for every job

Owning a house is everyone’s dream and you like to take good care of it. You do annual maintenance, paint the outside of your house and choose high quality materials. We at MrFix understand this and therefore we match your jobs to recognised professionals.
Besides a professional cleaner MrFix can also easily arrange for a competent painter, handyman, electrician or other specialist.
Call us for further information at 020-675 0333 (Mon-Thu 8:00-21:00h, Fri-Sat 9:00-18:00h AND Sun 15:00-19:00h).

Need one-off cleaning in your region?

Whatever your cleaning job is, MrFix has the best network of experienced professional cleaners in the whole of The Netherlands including AmsterdamRotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Eindhoven. Fill in the form, then we will match you within one hour to the right professional cleaner or other specialist in your region.