Background info on building repair service MrFix

Why MrFix?

  • MrFix vets and picks the best local expert for your job
  • You choose when the expert is welcome: 24/7
  • Rate €45-95/h incl. VAT and call-out charge, or first a quote

How do I request an expert?

  • Mail, call or best: use the web form
  • MrFix says within 1 hour which expert comes when
  • Pay securely afterwards via iDeal, bank or credit card
CEO Michiel

Welcome to MrFix

From handyman to refurbishment: building repair service MrFix

Time is a luxury. Spend it wisely and entrust your home repair and improvement wishes to our experts. We have delighted our Customers since 2010 with fast, convenient and reliable service.
For people & businesses in The Netherlands who need reliable, quick and convenient building care, MrFix offers the quickest way to hire the right local expert within 1 hour. Unlike most alternative platforms, MrFix picks experts 1 by 1 and helps them do the job right 1st time so you save time, disputes & overcharging: we build Trust.
We have been active in Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam since 2010. In 2017 and 2018 we expanded to Central Netherlands, up to and including Eindhoven and Apeldoorn. And since 2019 we have been serving the whole of the Netherlands!

Our mission: make home repair fair & sustainable

MrFix has a simple, pragmatic mission: to make the messy, dirty home repair market sustainable. We make the process quick, fair and smooth by applying a bit of tech and a lot of common sense.
For example: we screen experts based on reliability and use smart systems to match them quickly with Customers. Then we create WhatsApp groups to prepare the expert well and avoid the wasteful inspection visits (and call-out charges) wherever possible. We negotiate fair rates so the expert has no incentive to cheat the Customer and track start & finish times to ensure fair billing.
As a result both our Customers and experts stay with us for a long time: more than 70% of our business is repeat business.

Why not just hire a professional directly?

It’s in your interest to use MrFix, because..:

  • MrFix carefully selects professionals. We do not discriminate based on race, age or religion but purely based on reliability and customer satisfaction, both past and present!
  • Every expert can fall ill or be on holiday or busy on another job sometimes. MrFix works with hundreds of experts and can always find one available.
  • The best experts are least available and reachable. MrFix knows when they can take on your job and when and how we can best reach them. Want to know more about how MrFix works? Then see our Help page!
    Try us out by submitting a job request or send your questions and feedback to [email protected].
    Finally, it does not matter what you call us: it is pronounced “Mister Fix” but some people do say “Mister Fix it” and write “MrFix It” or “Mister Fix-it”. All OK 🙂
    Michiel, Founder and CEO
Approved by MrFix 2019

MrFix screens experts in advance

MrFix helps Customers every day with small jobs as well as complete renovations. We select experts based on reliability and Customer satisfaction through a careful check of references, documents and above all a face-to-face interview.

Your time is precious: we understand.

There are so many things that deserve your attention: don’t waste time and energy on the rest! Try MrFix and experience how outsourcing jobs can save you time and hassle. MrFix offers a single point of contact for all your jobs in and around your home. We can quickly find a reliable local specialist for your job and offer a competitive hourly rate without additional call-out fees. MrFix is your ideal partner for handling jobs in and around your home or office.

MrFix partners

MrFix cooperates with trusted partners in the field of:
– Butler service: uButler and The Office Service
– Import of bathroom equipment: Creavit offers our Customers and experts a 20% discount on the prices in the catalogue if you mention MrFix.
– Wholesale of construction materials and tools: Colijn
– Babysitting services: AmsterNannies
– VvE management: Keijzer VvE Beheer

Which types of expert can MrFix arrange?

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