The partners of the MrFix family

MrFix has been working for years with professionals, suppliers of high-quality products and services as well as managers of luxury homes who want to offer their tenants the security and convenience of a fast, reliable building repair service.

Reliable professionals

Since 2010, MrFix has built up a strong network of very diverse experts:

The diversity of our contractors makes the range of services particularly broad: our experts really do every job in the home (and office, shop and restaurant) and garden well. Installing and removing, preventive maintenance and repair, beautifying and checking… we really have a professional for everything.
This diversity is an important feature of MrFix and also increases the average quality of the jobs. We are happy to help the Client find an jack-of-all-trades who can complete various, relatively simple jobs in 1 visit. But if you need a real specialist for damp proofing, for example, you can even choose from specialists who tackle rising damp (such as Jaap) or those who focus on precipitation (like André). They deliver much better results in less time than a contractor who does something ‘on the side’ and has to figure out how to do it every step of the way…
Are you a skilled expert looking for jobs? Do you keep your appointments and satisfy your customers? Then we have jobs for you. Hereyou can read how we co-operate and register. Please note: we do not work with contractors who claim that they can do everything, because no one can do everything well. Our approach is simple: prepare thoroughly, do the job right first time and make sure the Client is completely satisfied!

Suppliers of high-quality products

Thanks to the recommendations of our Clients and experts MrFix has found a number of companies that we fully support. We are happy to recommend them (without payment, of course) to our Clients. Simply because they make your home more beautiful or your life more pleasant, just like MrFix does:

  • Frame making company Sanders & Rozemeijer in Amsterdam, which supplies the excellent hanging systems from STAS . Our professional can expertly install them if you wish…
  • Groene Hoed Duurzaam from Rotterdam, which supplies high-quality boilers, heat pumps and other green energy products
  •, a handy site with an online colour fan to determine the right shade of paint for your paint job. They also supply old-fashioned colour fans


Suppliers of high-quality services

The same applies to the following services that save time and make life more pleasant:

  • German online translation tool Deepl that we use by default when Clients or experts ask us to help translate texts. In our experience it translates somewhat better than Google Translate
  • Franz, a free tool that allows you to manage all your messages from WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Messenger, etc. in one place.


Managers of luxury property

Have you ever been in a home where a lamp flickers, paint is flaking or there is just a draught? If it is a luxury home, it will stand out and look extra shabby. Fortunately, more and more developers of luxury apartments realize that a good location and a beautiful finish also mean excellent service. For example, PlusJames offers MrFix’s services in various prominent apartment buildings within its package of concierge services. Our experts do the jobs for their residents right 1st time. That sounds normal, but it isn’t: MrFix disrupts the building repair industry!
Would you also like to collaborate with MrFix? Email me please! Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be family 🙂
Michiel Ybema

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