After multiple years of use even the best wood floors can lose their shine and get scratched, stained and even dented. You don’t need to live with that! Fill in the above form and MrFix will quickly find you a flooring specialist or professional cleaner to give your floor the proper treatment, sanding first if necessary and then applying floor lacquer, varnish, wax or oil.
MrFix has screened experts for you and negotiated a standard rate of €50/h incl. VAT with them. We do not allow contractors to levy call-out or other hidden charges. If you wish, below you can read more about Customer reviews, recent jobs, warranty, emergency jobs and tips for maintaining floors.

Floor maintenance expert: why via MrFix?

  • MrFix hand-picked 300 experts from 2,000+ we’ve vetted
  • Our experts complete 85% of jobs in 1 visit
  • 90% of Client reviews are 4.5 or 5 stars

How do I book a floor maintenance job?

  • Call, mail or better: use the form above
  • MrFix proposes an appointment within 1 hour
  • Pay securely after the job by iDeal, bank or credit card


Recent jobs - maintain floor

Klusjesman - Marco Polostraat - Amsterdam

Plaatsen / Monteren - Assemble furniture, Hang curtain (need to bring nails) - AM

Ik zoek met spoed een klusjesman in Amsterdam om tafel + scherm van bamboe in elkaar te zetten en een gordijn op te hangen.     (I urgently need a handyman in Amsterdam to assemble table + screen made of bamboo and hang a curtain.)

Klusjesman - Roer - Capelle aan den IJssel

Plaatsen / Monteren - Install 7 ceiling lights - RO

Ik zoek een elektricien of klusjesman in Capelle aan den IJssel voor het plaatsen van 7 plafondlampen in mijn appartement. De lampen heb ik al aangeschaft. Het plafond is ~3m hoog en ik heb wel een ladder.    (I need an electrician or handyman in...

Klusjesman - Prinsengracht - Amsterdam

Plaatsen / Monteren - Install chain across outside stairs + mailbox - AM

Ik zoek een klusjesman in Amsterdam-Centrum om: 1. Een korte ketting over de buitentrap te leggen om te voorkomen dat mensen de trap opgaan. 2. Een kleine brievenbus aan de buitenmuur bevestigen. (I need a Handyman in Central Amsterdam to: 1. In...

Klusjesman - Zilvervlek - Breda

Glaszetter - Bestaande houten kozijn verwijderen, Aluminium kozijnen plaatsen - BR

Ik zoek een klusjesman in Breda om de bestaande houten kozijnen te verwijderen en nieuwe aluminium kozijnen plaatsen. Deze zijn al door ons aangeschaft.

Klusjesman - Jacob van Campenplein - Rotterdam

Elektrisch apparaat aansluiten - Recirculatie afzuigkap (60cm) monteren, keukenblad verlengen - RO

Ik zoek een Elektricien en andere klusjesman in Rotterdam om: 1. een Afzuigkap recirculatie ( 60cm) in kleine keuken te installeren inclusief Kennis van Electra.( vereist) 2. keukenblad verlengen zodat kookplaat onder afzuigkap kan staan

Klusjesman - De Wittenkade - Amsterdam

Assemble + Mount 3 shelves to wall - AM

Ik zoek een klusjesman in Amsterdam om 3 planken aan mijn keukenmuur te monteren en te monteren (I need a handyman in Amsterdam to assemble and mount 3 shelves on my kitchen wall)



Recent reviews (5990)

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

: "We recently moved to Amstelveen from abroad and hired someone through Zoofy. It was an awful experience. We did a bit more research and came across Mr.Fix. What took three hires and hours of mistakes through Zoofy, took Marijin a swift time to complete...."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Sheila: "Swift and professional! Very pleased I discovered Mr Fix and highly recommend. I was looking for someone to help send up a home office and looked online. I found Mr Fix, filled in the details and had a response within an hour and an appointment made and..."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Rajveer: "I really like how MrFix quickly found me a professional and made a Whatsapp group where we could ask each other questions and share information on the job. I requested for a handyman and Patrick was our guy. He maintained very good communication. Arrived..."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Sonita: "Richard was expert in being handyman. He was very efficient in his work and fixed the issue very nicely and in timely manner. I really appreciate his professionalism and skills. He arrived on time and carried the necessary equipment to do 2 men’s job si..."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Nikhil: "Me and my husband are very satisfied with the service. The handyman (Mr. René) was very careful with using the time efficiently and considerate to answer all our questions. Overall, great experience with Mr. Fix. I certainly recommend it. Craftsmanship,..."

Score: 3.7/5.0 stars

George: "It was fast and efficient to get the help I needed at home. I think my only critique would be lack of clarity on whether the handyman will bring a ladder with him (I was told he will). Luckily the reception desk at the complex I live in had a ladder that..."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Mafalda: "I had a great experience with the service. Both the MrFix team and the contractor were fast, kind, efficient, professional and reliable. If you are looking for these qualities in a service and are not sure about where to look for, you should definitely ch..."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Mayesha: "The handyman was very polite, efficient and understanding. He agreed to come in an hour late because of a last minute issue I had, and fixed my ceiling lights very quickly. MrFix was great in finding the right person for the job and communicating via What..."


vloer onderhouden - tarief

Maintain floor - Rate

Are you feeling lucky today? Then you may want to hire the guy who did a decent job maintaining your neighbour’s floor. We have screened literally thousands of experts since 2010 and heard how wrong a floor maintenance job can go:

  • One Client came to us after a tinkerer treated his laminate floor with oil meant for wood flooring
  • Another common mistake is sanding the floor so deeply that no amount of lacquer can restore it anymore
  • Another Client hired our professional cleaners to remove dust from 3 bedrooms after the floor was sanded without sealing the cracks around the door

MrFix prevents such hassle: see below. We have negotiated a fixed hourly rate of €50 including VAT for small jobs. We do not allow contractors to levy call-out charges. You can always get a free estimate up front and for jobs from ~€500 / 1 day’s we recommend that you request a quote.

Tips for maintaining cast floors

Our experts recommend that you clean your cast floor at least once a week with a dust mop or vacuum cleaner. In addition, greasy particles remain behind. For this you can use a microfibre flat mop or a mop in combination with a soap-free (PH neutral) cleaning agent.
It is best to clean a cast floor thoroughly with an appropriate floor cleaner in combination with a microfibre mop. Vacuum beforehand to remove dust and loose dirt. Please make sure you do not to use too much water, because that can leave a layer of limescale.

You can trust MrFix to arrange your toilet seat replacement

Our clients keep coming back and rate MrFix as “Excellent” on Trustpilot.
For questions about rates & payment see the page Rates or call us for further information on 020-675 0333 (Mon-Thu 8:00-19:00h, Fri-Sat 9:00-18:00h and Sun 15:00-19:00h).

vloer onderhouden - garantie

Maintain floor - Guarantee

We understand that you just want to get this floor maintenance job off your to-do list without searching for hours, comparing quotes, haggling over the price and then still ending up in a dispute with the handyman!
To prevent that usual handyman stress we hand-pick experts and support you & them to ensure a smooth process. MrFix:

  • Finds 80% of experts via Clients or other experts
  • Screens experts thoroughly, including 1-on-1 interviews and reference checks
  • Matches your job with the right local expert based on Client feedback and our expertise
  • Trains & supports the expert so he does job right 1st time: over 60,000 jobs so far

But to be fair, despite our rigorous selection and professional support there is still a small risk that you’re not 100% satisfied with the expert’s job 1st time. That is why the work of our qualified experts is covered by a triple guarantee:

  1. A minimum 3-month guarantee by the contractor himself
  2. His liability insurance
  3. MrFix’s leverage over the expert

We make sure that every dispute is resolved: in our more than 14 years of existence not a single one has resulted in a lawsuit or even arbitration.

Floor maintenance jobs- from light to intensive

Our professional can give your floor a light or intensive maintenance service, depending on any damage or simply overdue maintenance. Often a good oil or wax treatment is often sufficient. Sometimes it is better to sand the floor again and then provide it with new layers of protection. The latter takes more time but can result in a floor that shines and looks as new.
Ready for help? Just complete the form above or else call MrFix at 020-675 0333 (Mon-Thu 8:00-19:00h, Fri-Sat 9:00-18:00h and Sun 15:00-19:00h). We will connect you to the right expert for your floor maintenance job within 1 hour.
Please note there is a 50% surcharge for jobs that must start within 24 hours, after 6 PM or during weekends / holidays.

Maintain floor in your region?

MrFix has the strongest network of reliable flooring specialists and professional cleaners in AmsterdamRotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Utrecht and all other cities in The Netherlands including Eindhoven, Breda, Maastricht, Enschede and Groningen. Just fill in the form, then MrFix will match you quickly to the right flooring specialist, professional cleaner or other expert near you.