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Klusjesman - Daniël Stalperstraat - Amsterdam

Plaatsen / Monteren - Install 3 baby safety doors - AM

Klusjesman gezocht in Amsterdam-De Pijp om 3 baby veiligheidshekjes te installeren. Zie hieronder voor meer informatie over wat er geïnstalleerd moet worden (Handyman wanted in Amsterdam-De Pijp to install 3 baby safety doors. See below for details...

Klusjesman - Zeeburgerdijk - Amsterdam

Meubel op maat maken - Create airtight door + frame for boiler cupboard, Build separation wall + shelves - AM

Klusjesman gezocht in Amsterdam-Zeeburg om een luchtdichte deur en deurkozijn te maken voor onze ketelkast om te voorkomen dat de rook van een buurman beneden via de ketelkast onze slaapkamer binnenkomt. We hebben een witte luchtdichte deur en kozijn nod...

Klusjesman - Nieuwevaart - Amsterdam

Ophangen / Aansluiten - Bedrading van lamp wegwerken, Hanglamp verplaatsen

Elektricien of klusjesman in Amsterdam gezocht om een hanglamp hoger te hangen en de bedrading weg te werken en dan een andere lamp te verplaatsen zodat deze gecentreerd is. Optioneel willen we ook graag een lichtknop plaatsen. Om de hanglampen apart mee...

Klusjesman - Distelweg - Amsterdam

Ophangen / Aansluiten - Install 3 shelves, Fix cabinet door connection, Hang 3 small shelves - AM

Klusjesman in Amsterdam gezocht voor het volgende: 1. Plaatsen van een op rails gemonteerde plank in mijn kast in metselwerk/pleisterwerk. Ik heb alle onderdelen al. Ik heb alleen iemand met meer ervaring nodig die metselwerk/gisterankers in de kast kan...

Klusjesman - Da Costakade - Amsterdam

Remove desk + bunkbed, and paint wall - AM

Ik zoek een klusjesman/schilder in Amsterdam om een ingebouwd bureau + stapelbed weg te halen. Daarna moet het geschilderd worden. Ik heb geen materialen in huis. (I need a handyman/painter in Amsterdam to take out some a built in desk + bunkbed. Aft...

Klusjesman - Bloys van Treslongstraat - Amsterdam

Demolish 2 walls, ceiling and closet, Disconnect 5 radiators - AM

Builder in Amsterdam wanted to: 1. Demolish 2 walls, a ceiling and a closet in a 50 m2 apartment 2. Disconnect all radiators (5 in total) as there will be underfloor heat post renovation.

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Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Anastasia: "Very smooth and fast service. Marcel is an amazing professional - arrived in time, done everything fast and the quality of the result is excellent! Next time I will be specifically requesting Marcel for the jobs! Vakmanschap, Heldere communicatie, Snelle..."

Score: 4.8/5.0 stars

Shelley: "Amazing service, from start to finish. Great communication throughout and a fantastic expert handyman who was friendly and quick to complete the job. We are delighted with the quality of work and I won't hesitate to use Mr Fix for any jobs in the..."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Jennifer: "We recently moved to Amstelveen from abroad and hired someone through Zoofy. It was an awful experience. We did a bit more research and came across Mr.Fix. What took three hires and hours of mistakes through Zoofy, took Marijin a swift time to complete...."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Valeria: "Service was fast, and polite. The handyman (Marvin) was always available to come when we needed, even Sunday evening. I would recommend the service, since not a week went by from the moment I requested until the moment it got fixed (including purchasing o..."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Annick: "Djillali is a very friendly, reliable and experienced person who managed his team of two persons (to move a very heavy cupboard, cut the carpet where the cupboard had to be placed and refill the hole where the cupboard used to stand) very professionally...."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Retna: "Iquitar was a total professional and when I had to cancel due to illness it was dealt with so well. Then the actual work took no time at all and considering how well it was executed I feel like the price is just fantastic. Clear communication, Fast ser..."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Michaela: "MrFix should be your go-to in Amsterdam for any home repair needs. First off: the communication is amazing (e.g. I sent a quotation request and received a response within the hour...and from that point on the communication is instantaneous!). Secondly, ou..."

Score: 4.7/5.0 stars

Ambika: "Iktedar was a very good handyman. We had a couple of things to be done since we have just moved into a new house. He was very able and willing to do any of the work. Did also a very neat and tidy job with all the tasks. very happy with the service from M..."

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Masonry and tile work - Rates

The rates for local handymen depend on the local masonry and tile work market. MrFix has a large network of professional masonry masters at your service. We always look for the ideal match between your masonry and / or tile work job and the handyman’s skills and experience. We have negotiated a fixed hourly rate of €60 including call out charge and VAT.

More importantly, our handymen do your job right first time: that saves you not only money but also a lot of time and hassle. For reliable masonry and tile works experts please use the form above. We will make sure the right professional will be on your doorstep as quickly as possible.

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Urgent masonry job?

Is your house/home in urgent need of tile repairs? Do you have a masonry job that needs to be fixed asap? Need someone to do some tile work straight away? No problem for the authorized handymen of MrFix!

When you urgently need a handyman, you can also go to MrFix. We will connect you within 3 hours to the right handyman for your masonry and tile works job. For urgent jobs, jobs after 6pm or in the weekends, we charge a 50% surcharge.