Furniture cleaning / Carpet cleaning? MrFix!

You know the situation: you have had a party and someone spilled red wine on your beautiful white sofa. At the time you think: “never mind, we’ll see about that tomorrow”. The next day you think: “how do I get this stain out of my beloved couch?”. The specialists of MrFix clean stains or dirt on furniture, carpets and curtains. Please fill in the form above and take a picture of the stain or dirt. MrFix will then arrange for the professional to clean it properly in one go.
As you can see below MrFix works with professionals who get excellent reviews from our customers. We also give tips and information about rates, guarantees and rush jobs. The examples of recent jobs below are useful for formulating your own job request. The standard rate for a cleaning specialist is €60/hr incl. VAT and call-out charges.

Why MrFix?

  • MrFix vets and picks the best local cleaner
  • You choose when the cleaner is welcome: 24/7
  • Rate €45/h incl. VAT and call-out charge, or first a quote


Follow the steps below to request furniture cleaning / carpet cleaning

  • Use the web form above or mail, call 020-6750333
  • MrFix tells you within 1 hour when which cleaner comes
  • Pay securely afterwards via iDeal, bank or credit card


Recent jobs - furniture cleaning carpet cleaning

Klusjesman - Rochussenstraat - Amsterdam

Metselwerk / Tegelwerk - Replace putty around countertop, Fix small dent in wall - AM

Klusser in Amsterdam gezocht om de kit rond het aanrecht te vervangen. Ik heb het zelf geprobeerd, maar het is niet gelukt. De oude kit is door water beschadigd. Het aanrecht is van hout, en de muur is betegeld. Ik heb ook een klein stukje van de muur bes......

Klusjesman - James Cookstraat - Amsterdam

Verbouwing - Stalen portaalaansluiting inbrengen bij 2 projecten

Ik zoek een klusjesman in Amsterdam die een stalen portaalaansluiting kan inbrengen op 2 projecten. Tevens moet er een betonnen balkon aan de onderkant geschilderd worden. Dat zou hij ook kunnen uitvoeren.

Klusjesman - Voorthuizenstraat - Amsterdam

Reparatie / Onderhoud - Schuifpui repareren - AM

Ik zoek een klusjesman in Amsterdam die een schuifpui weer open en werkende kan krijgen De schuifpui gaat niet meer open omdat er heel veel vuil zit tussen de wieltjes. Wellicht moet er olie tussen?

Klusjesman - Nieuwe Spiegelstraat - Amsterdam

Remove neon sign, external sign, external banner signage and ~50kg TV monitor - AM

Ik zoek een klusjesman in Amsterdam voor de volgende klussen in onze kunstgalerie: 1. Afkoppelen & verwijderen van een neon bord. Extra lange ladder nodig 2. Losschroeven en verwijderen van een extern OINK! bord 3. Externe banner signage verwijderen......

Klusjesman - Lamerislaan - Utrecht

Vloerspecialist - Lay IKEA laminate flooring 4 rooms 70 sq mt - UT

Ik zoek een vloerspecialist of andere klusjesman in Utrecht om ~70m2 IKEA Tundra laminaatvloer te leggen met ondervloer en plinten in 4 kamers van mijn appartement in Utrecht. Ik kan de vorige vloer verwijderen voordat de vakman komt. (I need a floor......

Klusjesman - Anna Blamansingel - Amsterdam

Timmerman - Fix change color of wood in kitchen - AM

Ik zoek een timmerman of andere klusjesman in Amsterdam om de kleurverandering van het hout van mijn keukenblad te repareren. De kleur van het hout is veranderd van kleur en ik wil het graag herstellen naar de originele houtkleur. (I need a carpenter......



Recent reviews (4763)

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Niranjan: "I contracted MrFix to apply patterned wallpaper on 2 of my living room walls. Ismail who came from MrFix did a fantastic job. Very clear communication, very fast service and value for money. Keep up the great work MrFix!! Fast service, Craftsmanship, Clea..."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Kim: "Nabil responded as soon as WhatsApp chat was set up and called when I sent pictures to discuss something I thought was a complication. He turned up 10 minutes early, did the job no problem, talked me through additional costs (for parts). Great service, hi..."

Score: 4.3/5.0 stars

Asad: "MrFix was extremely quickly in finding me a plumber and setting up my appointment for the next day, even though I contacted them at 18:30 the previous day. Very happy with their communication, planning and quick response. My emergency was solved the next..."

Score: 3.7/5.0 stars

James: "After a disasterous first experience, the second person that was sent was much better and able to fix the problem. Isa was very efficient, knew what he was doing and solved the problem very quickly. Just a pity it took two visits, I wish Isa had been sent..."

Score: 4.7/5.0 stars

Angelique: "Het team van Mr Fix doet er echt alles aan om je te helpen in een spoed situatie. Dat heb ik keer op keer gemerkt en daarom blijf ik Mr Fix gebruiken. Hun experts zijn daarbij ook betrouwbaar en goed in hun werk. Heldere communicatie, Vakmanschap, Snelle..."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Blair: "Great experience, our Expert communicated in advance of his arrival in order to minimize the time spent on site. He arrived exactly on time, completed the assignment quickly and was very friendly and professional throughout the entire process. Fast servi..."

Score: 4.3/5.0 stars

Ingeborg: "Snelle reactie op mijn klusaanvraag. Goeie communicatie over de datum. Het vervangen van de badkraan duurde niet meer dan 30 minuten, maar ik betaalde wel het uurtarief van € 85,-. Naar verhouding vond ik dat wat prijzig, maar ik ben wel blij met het r..."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Enrico: "I have received an excellent service, support, follow up from the very beginning. I personally thank Pien for having been a great partner in this matter: she demonstrated relentless commitment, drive, energy in coordinating the intervention of the plumbe..."


schoonmaken - tarief

Furniture cleaning / Carpet cleaning - Rates

MrFix is transparent in its rates. We have agreed with our selected cleaning specialists on a fixed hourly rate of €60 including call-out charges, VAT and use of professional cleaning equipment.

From furniture to curtains and carpet cleaning

MrFix does not only arrange for a cleaning specialist to thoroughly clean your furniture. The specialist can also clean your curtains or carpets. With curtains and loose carpets you can usually choose whether the specialist cleans them at your home or takes them with him. Most customers prefer it to be done at home.
The professional can often dry clean carpets (depending on the type of material) so that you can use them again immediately after cleaning. The contractor can also clean woolen carpets at your home: wool requires wet cleaning, so you should expect several hours to a day of drying time.

From fabric to leather to velvet

Nowadays, you can’t think of anything else that can be used to make your furniture. Materials such as velour, leather, velvet, mohair or suede are no longer exceptions. All colours of the rainbow can be chosen too. Sometimes you think a piece of furniture is beautiful, but you don’t choose it because of its infectious colour. Our cleaning specialists will be happy to advise you on how best to protect your furniture.
We also offer other professional cleaners including chimney sweeps and window cleaners as well as other types of outdoor cleaning: think balconies, terraces or tiles in your garden.

Book a cleaning specialist easily

Tips for placing your request:

  • Indicate the type of job in as much detail as possible under “JOB TYPE” and “DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF JOB”.
  • You can easily add 1 or 2 photos, especially from your smartphone. You don’t have to do it, but it does help
  • Make your “Specific description” as specific as possible: provide dimensions in centimetres or even millimetres, for example. And please mention objects or spot that are particularly dirty, for instance.
  • Choose whether you want an “Expert ASAP” or rather “First a quote” (see .

For further questions about rates for furniture / carpet cleaning see the Rates page or call us for further information at 020-675 0333 (Mon-Thu 8:00-21:00h and Fri-Sat 9:00-18:00h).


Furniture / carpet cleaning - Urgently

The licensed cleaning specialist of MrFix does your job right the first time. Every specialist that works through MrFix is a professional self-employed person and always personally screened by us. Many customers ask for furniture, carpets or curtains to be cleaned before they move into a new house or just before they leave. But sometimes you need a cleaning specialist at short notice…

Rapid furniture cleaning / carpet cleaning service

Accidents happen all the time, and we can imagine that it would be a shame to not get that sofa or carpet cleaned as soon as possible. At that point you would like to have one of our professional cleaners to provide you of guaranteed cleaning expertise.
Our qualified cleaners are ready to do every conceivable cleaning job quickly. We serve the entire Netherlands from Maastricht and Breda in the South to Groningen in the North, including Enschede in the East and the whole western conurbation: Amsterdam, Haarlem, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht area.
The quickest way to request a professional cleaner is via our webform and if you prefer you can also mail, call 020-6750333 (Mon-Thu 8:00-21:00h and Fri-Sat 9:00-18:00h).

MrFix for every job

Owning a house is everyone’s dream and you like to take good care of it. You do annual maintenance, paint the outside of your house and choose high quality materials. We at MrFix understand this and therefore we match your jobs to recognised professionals.

Furniture cleaning / carpet cleaning at a fair rate

For optimal, sustainable quality, we are happy to arrange for an experienced professional at a fair cleaning rate.
Besides a professional cleaner MrFix can also easily arrange for a competent painter, handyman, electrician or other specialist.
Call us for further information at 020-675 0333 (Mon-Thurs 8:00-21:00 and Fri-Sat 9:00-18:00).


Furniture cleaning / carpet cleaning in your region?

It doesn’t matter how challenging your cleaning job might be. MrFix connects you with the best professional cleaner, for urgent and guaranteed cleaning, from our extended network of experienced expert cleaners, throughout the whole of The Netherlands including AmsterdamRotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Eindhoven. Fill in the form, and we will match you within one hour to the right professional cleaner or other specialist in your region.