Building repair guarantee – what does MrFix require the expert to offer?

You might think that building repair & maintenance is not that complex, but without MrFix many things go seriously wrong with even the simplest jobs. We hear the craziest stories, from a staircase mounted upside down to a tiler who first stole beer from the Client’s fridge and then hammered his own thumb (we’ve seen the blood on the wall)!
MrFix exists to prevent such problems through clear communication and smart technology. And if something does go wrong, we ensure that the contractor puts it right within a reasonable period of time.

So how does MrFix define a proper job, actually?

Before we tell you about the building repair guarantee, it should first be crystal clear what the aim of the job is:

  1. Before the job the Client shares all relevant wishes & information (photos!) with the expert, for example whether the expert should supply the material and if so, which material exactly
  2. The expert asks the Client for any additional info before the job and advises the Client on alternative solutions if desired
  3. The expert starts within the agreed 1-hour time slot with the required material & tools
  4. If possible the contractor does the job right 1st time. That also means: in a safe way
  5. The expert tidies & cleans up if the Client wishes
  6. MrFix invoices the correct labour, material and parking costs on behalf of the expert without call-out charge, service fee or other hidden extra costs


What kind of problems does the building repair guarantee apply to?

Guarantees do not relate to problems such as missed appointments, damage by the expert or a job that the expert does not do the way the Client wants (the expert decides how he execute it). MrFix helps to prevent (and if necessary solve) such problems, but they are not normally covered by the contractor’s guarantee.
We require that the expert offers the Client a minimum of 3 months’ guarantee on his labour. If the job is first completed to the Client’s satisfaction but then causes problems that the Client finds unacceptable, MrFix requires the contractor to rectify these problems under his guarantee for at least 3 months after execution. That means:

  • If possible, he solves the problem himself or has it solved by a third party without charging labour cost, just any material & parking cost
  • If the problem is due to materials supplied by the expert, he invokes the manufacturer’s warranty on behalf of the Client


And in which cases is the job unacceptable?

It is not easy to define what problems the expert should solve, but in most cases it is clear to a reasonable Client and a reasonable contractor. If not, MrFix can help mediate. We use common sense in doing so. Three examples:

  • If an expert hangs a TV, lamp or painting and the object falls a month later, he should offer a guarantee by re-hanging it firmly (and the Client can separately hold the expert liable for any damage to the object and/or the floor)
  • A toilet or sink, on the other hand, can clog up again even a week after an unclogging job. There can be multiple causes and a blockage can require multiple visits, methods and types of equipment. Normally the guarantee does not apply
  • If paint peels off the wall or ceiling shortly after a job, that should also be covered by the guarantee. Most painters actually offer a 3-10 year guarantee on their work, depending on the paint quality, among other things

Ultimately the contractor remains responsible for the coverage of his guarantee, but MrFix supports Client & expert in resolving any dispute. So far our Clients & experts have always found a solution (sometimes with our help) by being fair and applying common sense. If a contractor should ever refuse to honour his guarantee, we will support the Client with proof and relevant information in any legal action. And where we believe that the Client is right, we will stop cooperating with the relevant contractor.