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Schilder - Hunzestraat - Amsterdam

Paint walls, ceiling and balcony

Main entrance, stairs walls and a balcony

Schilder - Sarphatistraaat - Amsterdam

Paint walls and ceiling of 95m2 apartment

Walls and ceiling painting. Current colour is white, new colour should also be white. Total surface of the apartment is 95m2, ceilings are 2,36m high. Plan of the apartment is attached. I would like an estimate based on RAL 9010. I am pretty flexible reg

Schilder - Rotgans - Uithoorn

Roze slaapkamermuren sauzen

Slaapkamermuur (250 x 420m) is 2 jaar geleden opnieuw gestuct en roze geverfd. Muur graag 2x sauzen met minimaal 2,5 liter Sheherazade (Histor), Klant heeft verf al) en goed afwerken.

Schilder - Stadhouderskade - Amsterdam

~400m2 muur schilderen, ~48 m2 behangen etc. in kantoor

In verband met een interne verhuizing moeten er een aantal werkzaamheden uitgevoerd worden:1). 2 kantoorverdiepingen muren laten schilderen (oppervlakte +- 400m2 muur); deuren en kozijnen niet nodig.2). 4 muren behangen (oppervlakte +- 48m2)Uitv

Schilder - Middenweg - Amsterdam

Stukadoor - Herstel vochtschade en gat in stucwerk - AM

Ik zoek een stukadoor in Amsterdam-Oost om op een stuk van ca 1 m2 twee beschadigingen aan het stucwerk te herstellen: 1 tgv vochtplekken en 1 tgv een gat na het ophangen van een flatscreen-TV.

Schilder - Derde Helmersstraat - Amsterdam

Mold stain coverage paintjob

09 Nov 2016, 11:25: "We need a painter for 2 reasons: firstly to paint the entire ceiling in our bedroom after our last disastrous handyman drilled through a pipe in the upstairs bathroom and the water came through the room below. The second need is

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Manish: "I used their service to get to know the extend of work needed in my new purchased house. I used their service for getting quote against all our wishes in new house. They committed and provided information I was looking for. Good work keep it up. I could n..."

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Katharina: "The service was amazing, when I first called there I got competent answers during the phone call and as well as fast replies via email. As soon as a professional was found I was informed and added to a whatsapp-group where further details could be discuss..."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Retna: "Iquitar was a total professional and when I had to cancel due to illness it was dealt with so well. Then the actual work took no time at all and considering how well it was executed I feel like the price is just fantastic. Clear communication, Fast ser..."

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Adela: "The reaction to my enquiry was fast. I immediately received an appointment with a small waiting window ( normally they say they would come between 9-12, or similar. In this case, with Mr Fix was only one hour) The expert quickly assessed and detected the..."

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Cristiana: "Quick and efficient, the intervention was carried out very well. I contacted Mr Fix it on Thursday and Saturday lunchtime it was done. The price paid was reasonable. Thank you ! Craftsmanship, Clear communication, Fast service"

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

David: "I recently relocated to Amsterdam and needed some work done on my house. The service was very quick and easy and was completed to a high standard. I would happily use again. Clear communication, Craftsmanship, Fast service"

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Darlene: "What a wonderful service. The intake process was easy. Great communication. Wonderful electrician and easy bill paying. I will definitely use MrFix again! Clear communication, Fast service, Craftsmanship"

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Gustavo: "I requested a quote in less than 48hs Mr. Fix connected me with an expert, using whatsapp we coordinate everything and then the work was done on time and as requested. Fast service, Clear communication"

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Alison: "The service was fast and the information delivered was very helpful even although the problem was only temporarily solved. Fast service, Craftsmanship, Clear communication"

Schilder tarief - Painter rate

Local painter - Rates

 The rates for painters depend on the local market. MrFix has a large network of local and professional painters at your service. We always look for the ideal match between your job and the painter’s skills and experience. We have negotiated a fixed hourly rate of €50 including call out charge and VAT. Moreover, our painters do your home improvement or repair job right 1st time: that saves you not only money, but also a lot of time and hassle.

For a reliable painter please use the form above. We make sure the right professional will be on your doorstep as quickly as possible.

Interior Painting: brighten, protect and maintain your home on the inside
Say you are ready for a new look of the interior of your house. The wide variety of colours and kinds of paint make it hard to choose the best, and a mistake can cost a lot of money or time to correct. Nobody likes delays during a painting job, especially not in case of an interior job. Quality paint jobs that last for many, many years require professionalism and experience. Our specialist chooses the painting method and kind of paint which fits the surface type and usage best.

Painting a staircase or a wall? Our painter will fix it
In case of painting a staircase it is important to make use of a high quality paint that is resistant to the wear and tear. You don’t want to have to get your staircase painted each year… so it is important to know how intensely the surface will be used. Now if our painters are asked to paint a wall in a baby room they normally will use non-toxic water-based paint. In a bathroom, on the other hand, they will use damp-proof paint which will not be water-based. We will be glad to help you making the right choices. You can trust our team of professional, skilled painters who have experience with all kinds of painting jobs.

Exterior Painting: Protection and maintenance
Exterior painting serves not only to embellish your house but also to protect it from the wet, variable Dutch weather. Unlike the interior, in Autumn and Winter the exterior walls and window frames are exposed to rain and frost. In Spring and Summer they face bright sunshine and are high temperatures. Therefore high quality paint is essential for avoiding paint peeling, wood rotting and moisture penetrating your home.

Your home says who you are
Painting your house will change its appearance significantly: the exterior of your house is what people notice. Look at it as if it is your calling card and try to make a good impression on your neighbours, guests and passers-by. Neglected and ugly paint at the front of your house or cracks in the paint of window frames diminish a positive impression. You should tackle exterior painting issues in a timely manner: don’t wait too long and prevent the loss of value or much higher costs later on. Painting your home is a hefty task that certainly should not be underestimated. Arrange things in one go in by asking MrFix to get you a professional.

Schilder garantie - Painter guarantee

Local painter - Urgent

 Is your home in urgent need of some fresh paint? Do you have something in your garden that needs to be painted asap? Need someone to re-paint sloppy work straight away? Let the professional painters of MrFix take care of it!

Whenever you need a local painter asap, you can do so via MrFix. Within 3 hours we will connect you to the perfect painter for your job. For urgent jobs, jobs after 6pm or in the weekends, we charge a 50% surcharge.

Reliable painters
Finding a good painter can be difficult. We cooperate with several painters whom we have selected and screened carefully. As a result, we can find the right painter for every painting job. They are experienced in a range of jobs: from interior painting to exterior painting of e.g. walls, window frames or gutters.

Our painters deliver quality results, unlike the many cowboys who are best at padding their invoices. Our painters prepare a job carefully so they show up on time with the right materials, execute the job right first time and clean up after themselves.

We maintain long-term relationships with the painters in our network. We monitor projects closely to ensure quality paint jobs. You – our customer – get the best result at a competitive rate. As we take care of administration, the painter can concentrate fully on what he does and likes best: creating the house of your dreams.

Low VAT rate on paintwork!

Did you know that the Dutch tax authority helps keep paintwork affordable by applying the reduced VAT rate of 6% (instead of 19%)? See the rules, unfortunately in Dutch only. Please note: this only applies to homes older than 2 years and applies to both labour and materials.


Painter service MrFix in your region

Whatever your job is, MrFix has the best network of experienced and reliable painters in in Amsterdam and Den Haag. Click the button below and fill in our form so we can find you the right painter for the job in your region. ASAP.