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Welcome! Below you can find reviews about recent paint jobs. We also explain how MrFix quickly arranges a reliable painter who does your paint job rights 1st time. We cover rates, warranty and urgent jobs. You can order a painter above and we have separate pages for plasterers and paperhangers.

Why MrFix?

    • MrFix screens and picks the best local painter
    • We support experts so they do your job right 1st time. 24/7
    • Rate €50/h incl. VAT or quote first. No call-out charge

    How to request a painter in 1 minute

    • Use web form above/call 020-6750333 (Mon-Sat 8.30-18h)
    • MrFix tells you within 1 hour which painter comes when
    • Pay securely afterwards via iDeal, bank or credit card



    Recent jobs - painter

    Schilder - Hendrik van Deventerstraat - 's-Gravenhage

    Paint bedroom + 1 living room wall - DH

    I would like a painter in Amsterdam to repaint the one wall in the living room to the exact color as before (beige/grey). In the bedroom, I want to paint all 4 walls (currently only 2 are painting a medium green) in a light grey color. I would like to ha...

    Schilder - Schoonenburgsingel - Hoofddorp

    Correct ~90m2 of paintwork - HA

    Ik zoek een schilder in Hoofddorp om het schilderwerk van onze vorige schilders te corrigeren. Ze hebben slecht werk geleverd: overal zijn penseelstreken zichtbaar en ze hebben 'muurglad' gebruikt om het oppervlak glad te maken, maar ook dat is niet goed...

    Schilder - Paramaribostraat - Amsterdam

    Plaster + paint bedroom wall - AM

    Ik zoek een schilderen/klusjesman in Amsterdam-Oost om een kamer te schilderen en een muur te repareren in een slaapkamer van ons. In de muur zitten wat gaten en hij is hobbelig. (I need a painter/handyman in Amsterdam-Oost to paint a room and rep...

    Schilder - Lou Costellostraat - Almere

    Paint ~120m2 of indoor walls, Build separation wall + false ceiling - HI

    Ik zoek een schilder/aannemer in Almere om drie klussen te klaren: 1. Verf ~10 binnenmuren van ~5x2.45m 2. Bouw een scheidingswand tussen twee slaapkamers 3. Bouw een verlaagd plafond in de woonkamer (I need a painter / builder in Almere to get three...

    Schilder - Statenplein - Rotterdam

    Apply wallpaper, floors, lights and curtain rod - RO

    We zoeken een klusjesman in Rotterdam om overal in het appartement behang aan te brengen. Het is een nieuwe constructie met gipsplaten. We hebben de plattegrond van het appartement bijgevoegd, om ons te helpen met de benodigde meters. Welke andere produc...

    Schilder - Prinsegracht - 's-Gravenhage

    Paint two large walls and two small sections - DH

    Paint two walls in teal (colour P0.10.40)- one wall ca. 3.5 by 3 metres, another 3 by 2.2. Already painted in the colour, yet needs a second, homogenous coat. Additionally, painting two sections of 0.6 by 2.2 metres. Should take 2-3 hours.



    Recent reviews (3551)

    Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

    Manish: "I used their service to get to know the extend of work needed in my new purchased house. I used their service for getting quote against all our wishes in new house. They committed and provided information I was looking for. Good work keep it up. I could n..."

    Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

    Laurie: "I only described my need for one wall and ceiling painting but, as he saw there was need for paint of another wall, the expert stayed a little bit more and helped with that to. It was a good job, done quickly and the expert was friendly. Top prestation :)..."

    Score: 3.7/5.0 stars

    Lucas: "Good quality service Price is expensive (I was charged for 16 hours, the actual work took around 8 hours) Communication was not the easiest, but manageable I would still use MrFix for the service Quality, but I would sure do some price research first Cra..."

    Score: 4.3/5.0 stars

    Simon: "I will be honest, I found the registration process a bit complex but once I had worked my way through that, there was complete clarity over the price, the response times were good and the quality of the work by Marijn was good. You can save yourself a bit..."

    Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

    Timara: "Mr Fixit was great with feedback and kept in contact with me informing me of progress getting the correct contractor for my requirements. Ismail and his team were amazing. Helpful, guided me in the purchasing of paint, flooring and making helpful suggesti..."

    Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

    Alex: "The immediate response, clear communication, and excellent customer service made the experience with MrFix excellent. It was the most reasonably priced compared to other agencies, and could not have been easier to use. 5/5 would recommend. Clear communic..."

    Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

    Alison: "Excellent experience from start to finish. Miguel was super detail-oriented and left us impressed with our newly painted room. Great communication, the quality and craftsmanship are stellar. We will be back. Craftsmanship, Clear communication, Fast servic..."

    Score: 4.7/5.0 stars

    Sasan: "It was a good experience to use such a professional service. The only issue that I have experienced was a note that I have mentioned and the expert was not aware of it when he came. Other than that, everything was great. Fast service"


    Painter - Rate

    All MrFix rates are fair and transparent. MrFix painters charge a fixed rate of €50 per hour including VAT (low 9% rate) and call-out charge. The rate for plasterer or paperhanger is €60 per hour, also including VAT and call-out charge.
    For jobs that take more than one day of work we recommend that you ask for a quote (fixed price). That gives you maximum certainty in advance. Plus most painters offer a discount (often 10–20%) on large jobs. If you provide sufficient information (e.g. via the special WhatsApp group MrFix creates for you) you may even get a quote without the usual inspection visit: that saves you and the painter time and money. Now if the painter does a good job you will not meet each other again for several years, but the painter will be working with MrFix again soon, so he will give a competitive quote and do his very best!

    Low VAT rate on paintwork

    Did you know that the Dutch tax authority helps keep paintwork affordable by applying the reduced VAT rate of 9% (instead of 21%)? The interior and exterior paint jobs that MrFix arranges are often substantial, so your tax saving is substantial too! See the rules (in Dutch only, unfortunately). Please note: the low VAT rate only applies to homes older than 2 years and applies to both labour and materials.

    Request a painter hassle-free

    The best and fastest way to request a painter is via the web form:

    • Select the “JOB TYPE” and summarise the job under “JOB SUMMARY”
    • You can add 1 or 2 photos from your PC, tablet or smartphone. This is not required but can be helpful!
    • Make your “DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF JOB” as precise as possible: please specify colours, measures, obstructions or other limitations.
    • Choose if you prefer “An expert ASAP” or “First a quote”. If you choose “First a quote” then we will provide the expert’s estimate except if the job is bigger than ~€500 / 1 day of work. In the latter case we quote his fixed price, usually after a (paid) inspection visit.

    For further questions about painter rates see the Rates page or call us on 020-675 0333 (Mon-Sat 8.30-18h).

    Painter - Guarantee

    The work of our qualified painters is covered by a triple guarantee: 1) the guarantee by the painter himself. 2) his liability insurance and 3) MrFix’s leverage over the expert. So you are in safe hands.

    Urgent paint jobs – Surcharge

    For urgent jobs you can contact MrFix. We will connect you to the right painter for your urgent paint job within 1 hour. Please note: there is a 50% surcharge for jobs that must start within 24 hours, after 18h, on weekends or on holidays.

    Evening job or weekend job?

    Some jobs simply cannot wait. That is why MrFix has a painter, plasterer or paperhanger ready for emergency situations 24 hours a day, also on weekends.

    Interior Painting: update, embellish and maintain your home on the inside

    Whether you get your living room, kitchen or bedroom painted: it usually makes sense to paint the whole room. A fresh colour on the walls may look too different from the ceiling and woodwork, so you may need to get those painted too. The wide range of colours (see these RAL codes) and kinds of paint make it hard to make the right choices. A mistake can cost a lot of money and time to correct. Let our experts help you choose colours and sheens: from flat/matte to satin and gloss. They know what kind of paint fits best the surface type and usage.

    Exterior painting embellishes and protects

    Exterior painting serves not only to make your house prettier but also to protect it from the wet, variable Dutch weather. In autumn and winter in particular, your exterior walls and window frames are under attack from rain and frost. In spring and summer they face sunshine and high temperatures. High quality paint and professional paintwork are essential for avoiding any exposed paint peeling, wood rotting and moisture penetrating your home. The earlier you tackle exterior painting issues the better: if you wait too long then you may face serious loss of value and high repair costs.

    Paintwork throughout The Netherlands

    Our qualified painters are ready to do every conceivable paint job. Not only in the western conurbation (including Amsterdam, Haarlem, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht) but in the whole of The Netherlands, from Eindhoven and Maastricht to Enschede and Groningen.
    The quickest way to request a painter is via our web form and if you prefer you can also mail, call 020-6750333 (Mon-Sat 8.30-18h) or send a WhatsApp message to 06-15380087.

    MrFix for every home improvement job

    Beside a Painter MrFix can also arrange a qualified Handyman, Plumber, or Electrician.
    See the Help / FAQ page or call us on 020-675 0333 (Mon-Sat 8.30-18h) for further information.