Is your home fire-safe? MrFix Fire Safety Check!

You just moved in and you want to know if the house is fireproof. Or you have just had a newborn baby and are starting to worry about its safety. How fireproof is your home? MrFix will connect you within 1 hour to a professional who will do the Fire Safety Check for you.
The rate for a Fire Safety Check is €80 per hour including call-out charges and VAT. The professional will go through the relevant checklist with you and leave the list for you. You decide whether you want our expert to make any improvements.

Why get a Fire Safety Check?

  • MrFix selects the best expert for your Fire Safety Check
  • You choose when the expert is welcome: 24/7
  • Rate €80/h incl. VAT and call-out charge

How do I request a Fire Safety Check?

  • Mail, call 020-6750333 or best: use web form above
  • MrFix says within 1 hour which expert comes when
  • Pay securely afterwards via iDeal, bank or credit card


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Home check

Fire Safety Check - Rate

MrFix finds you a local expert to check your property on potential risks of getting a fire and on how to reduce serious consequences in case of fire. We call it the MrFix Fire Safety Check: not an official structural survey but a quick check of your home with regard to fire safety.
Quite often people apply for a Fire Safety Check just after a move, but you should consider it at any time. And if you are considering a refurbishment, a Fire Safety Check is an ideal start to get a first idea of the costs and required experts and permits.
The rate for a Fire Safety Check is €80 per hour including call-out charge and VAT. The expert goes through the relevant checklist with you and leaves the list for you. You decide whether you want to have any improvements carried out by our builder. If you ask the expert to do 4 hours or more of work after the Fire Safety Check then he even offers the Fire Safety Check free .

Aspects of the Fire Safety Check

Fire safety is about many different aspects. Below you find a number of examples. After the check you discuss with our expert about the results and about priorities. Action needed? If yes, which action to take first.

  • Is the number plate of your house visible for a fire brigade, also even in the dark?
  • Do you know the tap where the fire engine should get the water?
  • Is it possible to open the front door from the inside without a key?
  • Are the main switches for gas, electricity and water known and easy to access?
  • Has the central heating system been checked and cleaned every year?
  • Are the fuses, switches and sockets in good order?
  • Is the electrical system protected by means of an earth leakage circuit breaker?
  • Are all electrical wires undamaged and protected adequately?
  • Is the air tube of the dryer clean?
  • Is the gas tube of the stove in good condition?
  • Is no more than 3,520 watts connected to any single group?
  • Has the chimney been checked and cleaned every year?
  • Are smoke detectors installed, especially near bedrooms?
  • How often are the chimneys and extractors used? When was the last time the chimney pipes were swept?

For further questions about Fire Safety Check rates see the Rates page or call us on 020-675 0333 (Mon-Thu 8:00-21:00h, Fri-Sat 9:00-18:00h AND Sun 15:00-19:00h).

Fire Safety Check - Not mandatory, but very smart :)

The MrFix Fire Safety Check is not mandatory like the one for your car, but it simply makes sense. For example, to:

  • Let you and your family sleep easily
  • Keep your building and contents insurance valid. Property insurers often require proof of regular maintenance such as sweeping of chimneys or annual checks & maintenance of the central heating system. Keeping earth leakage switches working can also play a role in the assessment of damage claims.

Our experts are at your service throughout The Netherlands!

Fire Safety Check – urgent

MrFix can arrange a Fire Safety Check for you urgently. We charge a surcharge of 50% for jobs that must start within 24 hours, after 18h or during the weekend.

Request a Fire Safety Check the easy way

Home repair service MrFix always has an expert ready for you. Request your Fire Safety Check by filling in the request form and MrFix will find you a building contractor or other expert.
Tips for requesting your Fire Safety Check:

  • Add 1 or 2 photos: this is optional but helpful
  • Add a “DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF JOB” if necessary
  • .

  • Click “An expert ASAP”. Don’t click “First a quote” because after the Fire Safety Check you can get a quote if you want to have jobs done for more than ~€500 / 1 day.


A Home Check for every aspect

MrFix not only arranges a Home Check for Fire safety but if you wish also for:

  • Burglar-Proofing
  • Child safety
  • Energy efficiency
  • Home improvement
  • Maintenance
    Please see the Help / FAQ page or call us on 020-675 0333 (Mon-Thu 8:00-21:00h, Fri-Sat 9:00-18:00h AND Sun 15:00-19:00h) for further information.