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Klusjesman - Korte Leidsedwarsstraat - Amsterdam

Glaszetter - Replace glass in terrace door - AM

Klusjesman in Amsterdam-Centrum gezocht om het gebroken glas te vervangen van de deur die naar het terras leidt en het heeft een lengte en breedte van 120cm x 150cm +/- (Handyman in Central Amsterdam wanted to fix the broken glass on the door leading...

Klusjesman - Van Bossestraat - Amsterdam

Glaszetter - Fix 2 windows, Replace 10 window handles, Place 4 window safety barriers - AM

Glaszetter gezocht in Amsterdam om 2 ramen te fixen die niet goed sluiten, 10 raamgrepen te vervangen en 4 raamstangen te plaatsen. Ik heb ook 1 plafondlamp nodig. (Glazier wanted in Amsterdam to fix 2 windows that are not closing properly, replace 1...

Klusjesman - Utrechtsedwarsstraat - Amsterdam

Glaszetter - Fix window hinge - AM

Glaszetter in Amsterdam-Centrum gezocht om het scharnier van mijn raam (~80x90cm) te repareren. Het raam sluit niet meer door het buigen van het scharnier (zie 1e foto). (Glazier wanted in Central Amsterdam to fix the hinge of my window. The window (...

Klusjesman - Koninginneweg - Amsterdam

Glaszetter - Fix window that does not close properly - AM

Glaszetter gezocht in Amsterdam-Zuid om een raam te repareren dat niet goed sluit. We hebben een raam dat dubbel scharnierend is zodat het van boven en van opzij opent. Het sluit niet goed, omdat het een opening laat die groot genoeg is om met je vinger...

Klusjesman - Willem de Zwijgerlaan - Amsterdam

Glaszetter - Fix smashed glass door - AM

Klusjesman in Amsterdam gezocht om een kapotte glazen binnendeur te repareren. Het glas is volledig versplinterd, maar we hebben het met plakband bij elkaar gehouden. Op de foto is te zien hoe het eruit ziet. Bedankt! (Handyman in Amsterdam-Oud-West...

Klusjesman - Van Oldenbarneveltstraat - Leiden

Glaszetter - Fit glass window in hallway - LE

Klusjesman in Leiden gezocht om een raam te plaatsen in de gang. De muur is niet 100% recht en we hebben het glas + hout al. (Handyman in Leiden wanted to place a window in our hallway. The wall is not a 100% straight and we have the glass and wood...

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Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Anastasia: "Very smooth and fast service. Marcel is an amazing professional - arrived in time, done everything fast and the quality of the result is excellent! Next time I will be specifically requesting Marcel for the jobs! Vakmanschap, Heldere communicatie, Snelle..."

Score: 4.7/5.0 stars

Ambika: "Iktedar was a very good handyman. We had a couple of things to be done since we have just moved into a new house. He was very able and willing to do any of the work. Did also a very neat and tidy job with all the tasks. very happy with the service from M..."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Retna: "Iquitar was a total professional and when I had to cancel due to illness it was dealt with so well. Then the actual work took no time at all and considering how well it was executed I feel like the price is just fantastic. Clear communication, Fast ser..."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Nikhil: "Me and my husband are very satisfied with the service. The handyman (Mr. René) was very careful with using the time efficiently and considerate to answer all our questions. Overall, great experience with Mr. Fix. I certainly recommend it. Craftsmanship,..."

Score: 4.8/5.0 stars

Shelley: "Amazing service, from start to finish. Great communication throughout and a fantastic expert handyman who was friendly and quick to complete the job. We are delighted with the quality of work and I won't hesitate to use Mr Fix for any jobs in the..."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Valeria: "Service was fast, and polite. The handyman (Marvin) was always available to come when we needed, even Sunday evening. I would recommend the service, since not a week went by from the moment I requested until the moment it got fixed (including purchasing o..."

Score: 4.3/5.0 stars

Anne: "Quick reaction Very clear communication, responsiveness to questions Flexibility to propose times, very appreciated when working full time Good service, in the time agreed and within cost and number of hours planned Thank you! Fast service, Clear communic..."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Anthony: "MrFix. we were stuck with a white glove installation service in the Netherlands. Called MrFix they put me in contact with one of there fitters. The Haulier seriously screwed up, delivering the goods a day early on curbside. actually leaving the goods on..."

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The rates for local glaziers are different in each region. MrFix has a large network of professional glaziers ready to do your job right first time. We find the perfect match between your job and the glazier’s skills and experience. MrFix has negotiated a fixed hourly rate of €60 including call out charge and VAT. This will save you not only money but MrFix also saves you a lot of time and hassle.

Looking for a reliable and screened glazier? Please use the form above. The right professional glazier will be on your doorstep as quickly as possible.

In urgent need for a glazier?

Urgent need for a glazier?

Broken window or shattered glass at home or in the office? Rapid recovery of glass damage needed? Do you have a double glass window that needs to be fixed asap? Need someone to do repair your single glass window straight away? The authorized glaziers of MrFix get the job done right 1st time!

Whatever the job, when you are in urgent need of a glazier, you can also go to MrFix. We will connect you within 3 hours to the most suitable glazier for your job. For urgent jobs, jobs after 6pm or in the weekends, we charge a 50% surcharge.