Corona-safe home repair

Michiel 18 December 2021

Our handyman heroes bravely continue to work in a Corona-safe way. Although Corona has been around for two years now, MrFix has not yet experienced a single case of contamination of a Customer by an expert or vice versa! We ask our experts and Customers to remain vigilant. We understand from the Dutch Government website that the Coronavirus does not need to be an obstacle to home repair jobs. But it remains essential to use common sense: do not book an expert if you have symptoms and cancel the appointment if you do develop symptoms or test positive!

Protocol ‘Carry on working safely together’

We advise not only experts but also Customers to download the latest version of our industry’s protocol ‘Samen veilig doorwerken’ (‘Working together safely’). This practical protocol for safe building and working was presented by the construction industry to the Ministry of the Interior and has been supplemented and adopted in consultation with Ministers and trade unions. It has been translated into English and we think Section 2.1 is particularly useful for most of our Customers & experts: “Carrying out work for private individuals and housing association tenants/property owners”.
One example: “Do not use air conditioners or heating units which recirculate air.” MrFix can help with an airco expert, a central heating installer or an electrician for your ventilation. You can find a more general overview for the construction industry by the national Government here, but that seems less up-to-date.

Specific guidelines for MrFix jobs in the Netherlands

We looked at the various types of jobs MrFix offers and concluded that none of them require people to touch each other or be within 1.5 metres of each other. Now the expert decides which jobs he takes on (at his own expense & risk) and when he carries them out. Just as the Customer decides whether to confirm the appointment proposed by MrFix on behalf of the contractor.
As far as MrFix can see, it is safe to continue to request and execute jobs as long as you follow the above guidelines. Specifically:

  1. Don’t request jobs and don’t carry them out if you have a fever, cough or breathing problems (or any flu or cold symptoms)
  2. Take a self-test before you visit someone new or receive a visitor
  3. Do not shake hands and don’t come closer than 1.5 metres
  4. Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth
  5. Sneeze/Cough in elbow/paper tissue
  6. Avoid inspection visits (a good idea anyway) and instead exchange information via the WhatsApp group
  7. Preferably drive/cycle to the job alone and at most in pairs
  8. Make sure that you are not in an enclosed space at the same time as the expert. If you really need to be for a few minutes, wear a mouth cap
  9. Pay via iDeal or credit card: not at a PIN machine or cash (we always advise against this and do not facilitate it)
  10. Read the updates and questions & answers from RIVM, the National Institute of Public Health

MrFix helps you adapt your life to the Corona measures:

Click here to have your job done Corona-safely or contact MrFix if you have any questions or comments. And please take care!