Home check – Let an expert review the repair of your most precious asset

MrFix not only helps you find a local builder to repair or improve your home: we can also prevent repairs by helping you identify problems before they worsen. The MrFix Home Check does that and more. It is not an official inspection but a quick, pragmatic review of your home: maintenance, repair and those safety aspects that you care about.

Call us on 020-675 0333 or use the form above to request a MrFix Home Check for €50 (including VAT and call-out charge).

Safety and economy

Fire proofing

  • Is the number plate of your house visible for a fire brigade, also even in the dark?
  • Is it possible to open the front door from the inside without a key?
  • Are the main switches for gas, electricity and water easy to access?
  • Has the central heating system been checked and cleaned every year?
  • Are the fuses, switches and sockets in good order?
  • Is the electrical system protected by means of an earth leakage circuit breaker?
  • Are all electrical wires undamaged and protected adequately?
  • Is the air tube of the dryer clean?
  • Is the gas tube of the stove in good condition?
  • Is no more than 3,520 watts connected to any single group?
  • Has the chimney been checked and cleaned every year?
  • Are smoke detectors installed, especially near every bedroom?

Burglar proofing

  • Quality locks on the outer doors?
  • Anti-burglary strips on the outer doors?  
  • Quality locks on the outer windows?
  • Anti-burglary strips on the windows?  
  • Alarm system in place?
  • Outdoor lighting in place?
  • No items around the house that facilitate a burglar to climb on?
  • Are valuables out of view of people passing by?
  • Security camera in place?
  • Mailbox protection in place?

Safety of children

  • Protectors on the sharp corners of furniture?
  • Finger-safety strips on the doors?
  • Medicines and other dangerous items safely stored?
  • Low sockets protected?
  • Child safety gate at the stairs?
  • Do windows have lockable handles?
  • Anti slip mats in the bathroom?
  • Any cupboards which could tip over easily?

Energy efficiency

  • Double glazing or triple glazing?
  • LED or other energy-efficient lighting?
  • Solar panels in place?
  • Floor well isolated?
  • Do outer doors and windows close properly?
  • Roof isolated well?
  • Outer walls isolated well?
  • Good quality thermostat in place?

Maintenance and repair

Interior painting and wall finish

  • Ceilings in good condition?
  • Wall finish okay?
  • Wallpaper in good condition?
  • Paintwork in good condition?

Ventilation and smoke & gas evacuation

  • Connections through walls or roof in good condition?
  • Pipes askew or damaged?
  • Any coupling of pipes leaking?

Exterior gutter cladding

  • Painting in good condition?
  • Any wood rot?
  • Leakage or moisture spots?
  • Any cracks?


  • Clogged?
  • Any leakages and damages?
  • Draining okay?

Flat roof

  • Drains in good condition?
  • Edges in good condition?
  • Roof support in good condition?

Roof tiles

  • Roof tiles positioned without gaps?
  • Any roof tiles damaged?
  • Algae or moss?
  • Bird’s nests under tiles?
  • Ridge in good condition?


  • Fence affected by rust?
  • Broken or weak parts?  
  • Hinges in good condition?

Water drains and pipes

  • Damage?
  • Cracks?
  • Sufficient capacity?

Exterior wooden wall cladding

  • Exterior paintwork in good condition?
  • No wood rot?
  • No cracks?
  • Are al boards still straight?
  • No chinks / cracks between boards?
  • Covering layer in good condition? (no stains, cracks, bubbles or other damage?)


  • Wall and floor tiles okay?
  • Sealant in good condition?
  • Proper connection between floor tiles and wall?
  • No stains of moisture on the ceiling?
  • Connections to toilets okay?
  • Drains working properly?
  • Stop and drain taps in good order?
  • Leakages?

Exterior wooden frames and doors

  • Any wood rot?
  • Any loose connection between beams or planks?
  • Cracked ledges?
  • Beams not straight anymore?
  • Tiles of window sill in good condition?
  • Hinges in good condition?
  • Weather seal of windows and doors okay?
  • Painting in good condition?
  • Sealant and putty of windows in good condition?
  • Vent okay?

Interior frames and doors

  • Pins of hinges still in place?
  • Friction between door and frame?
  • Friction between window and frame?
  • Painting in good condition?