Competent expert looking for building jobs?

Thank you for your interest in MrFix. Whether a Customer or another expert has referred you to this page: if you do your jobs right first time then we have jobs for you throughout the Netherlands!
MrFix helps busy Customers (50% expats) by matching them quickly with a reliable expert and supporting you both with administration and communication. We arrange the appointment and quotate, invoice and collect payment on your behalf. We do this in Dutch and English: if necessary, we can help you with translation.
Our website informs customers about the following services and helps them with skilled experts who work with invoices (see here for rates):

You always decide whether to accept the job: you simply choose a slot from the dates and times that the Customer has made available. After the job, the Customer pays us via iDeal or credit card and we pay you right away.
There are no registration fees or monthly fees, but we do ask you for references and documents. And I speak to each expert in person before they help our Customers.
Please fill in your contact details and field of expertise on the form below: I will call you within 24 hours!

With MrFix you decide not only which jobs you take on but also in which regions you want to work and which kinds of jobs you do. Then we will only invite you for relevant jobs and will not bother you with jobs that you do not want to do anyway.
If you fill in the form above, we’ll send you an email immediately to which you can reply with your Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) and other numbers and the following documents, if you have them:

  • Reviews of your jobs in the last 6 months
  • Valid passport, driver’s license or identity card
  • Policy schedule of your Corporate liability insurance
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Diplomas and relevant quality seals
  • Declaration of Good Conduct (“VoG” in Dutch)

For more information on MrFix, please visit our site, especially the Tips for the expert. You can also call (Mon-Sat 8.30-18h) or visit us.

Let’s fix & improve Holland together!
Michiel Ybema