Need a local mover? Furniture service MrFix!

Moving is always such a hassle. The movers at MrFix will help you with every conceivable removal job for your home, restaurant or office. Think of moving furniture or a complete removal from packing to unloading with transport. But even for an international move MrFix is the right partner for you.
It’s very simple: fill in the form above as complete as possible and MrFix will connect you with an experienced mover within 1 hour.
MrFix is transparent, also about the rates. We have agreed with our selected movers on a fixed hourly rate of €50 including call-out charges and VAT. We are also at your service for urgent removals. If you want to know more about our services, please read on, you will also find information about our guarantee, recently placed removal jobs and our customer reviews.

Why MrFix?

  • MrFix vets and picks the best local mover
  • You choose when the mover is welcome: 24/7
  • Rate €50/h incl. VAT and call-out charge

How do I request an expert?

  • Use web form above or mail, call (020–6750333)
  • MrFix says within 1 hour which expert comes when
  • Pay securely afterwards via iDeal, bank or credit card


Recent jobs - furniture expert

Klusjesman - Madelievenstraat - Amsterdam

Glaszetter - Fix draught problem with 3 sash + 5 fixed windows with wood frames, Fix rotten wood window frame, Fix window closure mechanism - AM

Ik zoek een glaszetter in Amsterdam om twee problemen op te lossen: 1. Het tocht door kieren tussen 3 schuiframen + 5 vaste ramen en hun houten kozijnen 2. Het tocht door het enkelglas raam in de slaapkamer en het kozijn is verrot 3. Het mechanisme van h......

Klusjesman - Eerste Jan Van der Heijdenstraat - Amsterdam

Reparatie / Onderhoud - Seal gap / entry in the kitchen - AM

Ik zoek met spoed een klusjesman in Amsterdam om een ingang af te dichten met een stalen gaas of een andere manier. Dit is om te voorkomen dat muizen vanaf deze plek het appartement binnenkomen. De vorige keer was de persoon niet in staat om een stalen g......

Klusjesman - Richard Wagnerstraat - Amsterdam

Ophangen - Apparatuur aansluiten, Schilderijen en spot ophangen, Kastje, kitranden en vochtschade fixen - AM

We zoeken een klusjesman in Amsterdam-Zuid voor 6 klussen: 1. Audio-apparatuur aansluiten; 2. Schilderijen ophangen; 3. Spot voor schilderij monteren; 4. Kastje repareren; 5. Kitranden herstellen; 6. Vocht in souterrain opsporen en verhelpen......

Klusjesman - Jacob van Lennepstraat - Amsterdam

Glaszetter - Get window with pully system unstuck - AM

Glaszetter in Amsterdam gezocht om een raam te repareren en sluiten. Mijn raam zit vast en ik kan het niet meer sluiten. Het is een oud pully systeem raam en ik denk dat het een vrij makkelijke oplossing zou moeten zijn, maar ik kan het op dit moment niet......

Klusjesman - Zaanstraat - Amsterdam

Vloerspecialist - Fill 2 ~ 3-4cm chips in wood floor - AM

Vloerenspecialist in Amsterdam gezocht om twee kleine gaten in mijn parketvloer te repareren; ze worden groter. Ze zijn tussen de 3-4,5cms in lengte. Zou de vakman deze kunnen opvullen met houtvuller? Kan de vakman het juiste gereedschap en materiaal mee......

Klusjesman - Nieuwendammerkade - Amsterdam

2 gordijnrails ophangen

Ik zoek een klusjesman in Amsterdam om in ons bedrijfspand twee gordijnrails op te hangen, zie hieronder de link naar de specifieke rails die we hebben besteld incl. originele schroeven en pluggen maar zonder betonboor in de juiste maat, dus die graag mee......



Recent reviews (5130)

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Jacq: "Easy online booking. A friendly, polite man arrived and assembled my new furniture, he was fast, efficient and very tidy. Pricing was very fair for the quality and professionalism he provided. Furniture feels much more secure than my previous ikea buildin..."

Score: 4.0/5.0 stars

Louis: "Na stucwerk zouden de klussers de muur gaan schilderen echter dat werd een aparte ervaring met een witte streep over het plafond wat een andere kleur had. Gelukkig hebben ze dit keurig en kosteloos herstelt naar volle tevredenheid. Goede ervaring met deze..."

Score: 4.3/5.0 stars

Micah: "Michiel was extremely helpful when we reached out in an emergency, he was helpful with setting the parameters so that we could provide all necessary information to expedite the fix and get us back in business. Fast service, Clear communication, Craftsmans..."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Ben: "Mr Fix ingeschakeld voor enkele kleine electra klussen, is meteen opgepakt, gecommuniceerd en uitstekend uitgevoerd. Vriendelijke en deskundige elektricien, uitstekend werk geleverd. No nonsense, kwaliteit en conform afspraak. Top ! Snelle service, Vakman..."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Ulysses: "The experience was very good. Clear communication with MrFix and the contractor. The contractor arrived on time and was skilled at his job. He did the work very well and answered questions that I had. I recommend MrFix and Achraf. Fast service, Craftsmans..."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Natasza: "Expert Milan delivered excellent service. Communication was great from the moment I entered the job. He was neat and tidy and brought all the equipment needed for the job. I would recommend him and will definitely make use of his services in the future. T..."

Score: 3.7/5.0 stars

Marco: "MrFix zelf is een super chill platform waardoor ik snel en makkelijk de juiste klusman kon vinden. Whatsapp gebruiken is ook zeer fijn kwa ervaring en communicatie. Enige jammere is dat het probleem uiteindelijk niet is opgelost en alsnog bijna 100 euro..."

Score: 5.0/5.0 stars

Ruth: "It was excellent service, Bachir did a great job finding out the electrical problem with the doorbells, and he also suggested next steps for the solution. If we need more support or changes in our doorbell system, we will definitely contact MrFix again an..."


Verhuizer tarief / Mover rate

Mover - Rate

Our rates are fair and transparent. We have negotiated a fixed hourly rate of €50 with the pre-screened movers, including call-out charge and VAT. Our mover can move your furniture within your home / office, to another building in the same city or even abroad.

Let a pro take care of your removal job

You’re not the only one who gets stressed by moving house or office! The euphoria of a new home or office quickly makes way for that stress of moving: packing, labelling, stacking boxes, moving furniture… and then hunting around for friends who want to come and carry your stuff on their free weekends.
Furniture service MrFix always has a mover ready for you and will gladly take the stress out of your moving job. Our movers do the job accurately, smoothly and at a fair removal rate.

Request a mover hassle-free

It’s simple: fill out the web form and we will match your job with the right expert within one hour. Easy, right? MrFix has a removal expert available even today.
How to request a mover:

  • Select the “JOB TYPE” and summarise the job under “JOB SUMMARY”
  • You can add 1 or 2 photos from your PC, tablet or smartphone. This is not required but can be helpful!
  • Make your “DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF JOB” as precise as possible: please specify materials, measures, obstructions or other limitations.
  • Choose if you prefer “An expert ASAP” or “First a quote”. If you choose “First a quote” then we will provide the expert’s estimate except if the job is bigger than ~€500 / 1 day of work. In the latter case we quote his fixed price, usually after a (paid) inspection visit.

For further questions about mover rates see the Rates page or call us on 020-675 0333 (Mon-Thu 8:00-21:00h and Fri-Sat 9:00-18:00h).

Verhuizer spoed / Mover - urgent

Mover - urgent


Urgent removal jobs – Surcharge

Has your daughter or son finally found a student flat but the bed doesn’t fit in? Or did the bunk beds of the twins just collapse? For urgent jobs you can contact MrFix. We will connect you to the right mover expert for your urgent removal job within 1 hour, and often faster than that. Please note: there is a 50% surcharge for jobs that must start within 24 hours, after 18h, on weekends or on holidays.
Our qualified experts are ready to do every conceivable removal job in the West and Centre of Holland quickly. We serve the whole western conurbation (the Amsterdam, Haarlem, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht area) but also the surrounding parts of Holland, up to and including Eindhoven and Apeldoorn.
The quickest way to request a mover is via our web form and if you prefer you can also mail, call 020-6750333 (Mon-Thu 8:00-21:00h and Fri-Sat 9:00-18:00h)

Triple guarantee on removal jobs

The work of our qualified movers is covered by a triple guarantee: 1) the guarantee by the expert himself. 2) his liability insurance and 3) MrFix’s leverage over the removal expert. So you are in safe hands.

Pay securely after the job

One of the big advantages of outsourcing jobs via MrFix is that you only pay after the job is done and you receive an invoice. Beside direct debit and bank transfer we now also accept payments by iDeal and credit card, so you can pay how and when it suits you. You have two weeks to pay but we see that most Customers pay immediately to experience that Zen feeling: check, the job is done and the case is closed!

MrFix for every repair job

Beside a mover MrFix can also arrange a qualified Painter, Plumber, or Electrician or
href=””>other Expert.
See the Help / FAQ page or call us on 020-675 0333 (Mon-Thu 8:00-21:00h and Fri-Sat 9:00-18:00h) for further information.


Need a mover, furniture expert or other specialist in your region?

Whatever your repair job is, MrFix has the best network of experienced, reliable specialists in AmsterdamRotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and elsewhere in the West and centre of Holland, up to and including Eindhoven. Fill in the form, then we will match you as quickly as possible to the right mover or other expert in your region.