Michiel 11 April 2020

9 Master fixers invest in MrFix despite corona crisis

MrFix and its experts are suffering considerably from the corona crisis. In the second half of March about 40% of jobs got cancelled or postponed indefinitely as many people panicked. We have blogged about improving homes in a Corona-safe way, adapting your home office and even adapting offices, shops and restaurants to the ’1.5-metre economy’. That is helping, but times are still tough. So we are extra happy & proud that nine of our best Master experts have decided to invest between €1,000 and €5,000 each in MrFix!

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Michiel 10 April 2020

How to adapt your shop, office or restaurant?

Going into the Easter weekend nobody knows how long we will have to keep a 1.5-metre distance from each other. Simply staying at home and working from home works for a few days or weeks, but in the longer term it risks damaging both personal and business relationships. So smart businesses throughout The Netherlands are adapting their shops, offices and restaurants to what we now call “the 1.5-metre economy”. MrFix can help:

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Michiel 27 March 2020

Then now is the time to arrange a home repair expert!

If you work full-time and are stuck working from home, this is a good time to ask MrFix for an electrician or handyman to fix your home. Normally it can be hard to find a suitable day and time to let the expert in, but if you’re working from home now anyway… seize the opportunity!

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Michiel 15 March 2020

Experts can do repair jobs while keeping Customers and themselves safe

Our handyman service has not experienced problems or cancellations due to COVID-19 yet. But Customers are starting to ask questions now the Dutch government has decided to close schools & restaurants. We ask both Customers and experts to follow the following guidelines so our experts can continue fixing & improving your homes safely!

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Michiel 11 February 2020

We keep Customers and experts out of trouble

Our handyman service helps Customers find a reliable expert fast. That is hard: we estimate that 40-50% of home repair jobs involve serious misunderstandings, shoddy or undeclared work and/or outright fraud. MrFix will post tips for Customers and experts to avoid the worst mistakes and problems: this is the first.

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Michiel 31 January 2020

Get an appointment with a home repair expert within 1 hour

MrFix already was the fastest handyman service in The Netherlands: we have been arranging solid experts for your home repair & improvement jobs within 3 hours. From January 2020 onward we tell you within 1 hour (yes, one hour!) which expert will start executing your job (or inspecting it, if you prefer a quote first)…

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Michiel 6 July 2019

A dozen of our experts have received five Customer reviews of 4.5* or more and are now Master Fixers. We celebrated today aboard a boat of our Customer Rederij De Jordaan… MrFix discriminates on the basis of one thing only: Customer satisfaction. Ismail, Bert, Marsel, Ulysses, Marvin and our other experts understand the importance of making Customers very happy and do it all the time!

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Michiel 4 January 2017

eighbours: you just don’t get to choose them but you will have to live with them. You could very well be in luck with your neighbours, but some people will probably never agree.

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