Standard rates per job

Michiel 31 October 2016

Let a professional craftsman fix your job

The leaking tap, the clogged shower drain and the failing kitchen door: they’re simply annoying. Perhaps the last time around you hired a bungler who excelled at nothing except invoicing you. To avoid such setbacks we get you a reliable professional that fixes your job when it’s convenient for you. Our craftsmen are reliable and have been vetted personally. You do not just save time, you are sure the job gets done right 1st time.

More certainty regarding costs due to agreed hourly rates

We understand that the choice for a cheap handyman is tempting. Unfortunately it often turns out that the quality of work does not meet your needs or that the bill is higher than expected due to unforeseen costs. MrFix has negotiated fixed hourly rates with each type of expert, so you do not face unpleasant surprises. These rates include VAT and a call-out charge. Conveniently, you can reach us 24/7 through, by phone or via a WhatsApp message. Have you got a job that needs fixing but you are still in doubt about the costs? Let us know what needs to be done, send accompanying pictures (if possible) and quickly receive a no-obligation quote.

Know exactly where you stand: standard rates per job

Unclogging a drain or sweeping your chimney are jobs that typically need doing once in a while. Some jobs return every year and for these jobs it is comfortable to have certainty. Therefore, MrFix also applies standard rates for jobs like the mandatory annual check of your central heating system. Be sure of a reliable job and be certain of the cost.