Standard jobs for fixed prices

Michiel 16 November 2016

Certainty of your costs: routine jobs for fixed rates

Winter is almost there and you enter a cold, uncomfortable home. The boiler is making rather weird noises and you fear the worst: the boiler is not working properly and needs fixing or even replacing. You enter a costly process in which your situation does not improve despited many visits by plumbers and installers. Not only does this cost you a fair amount of time, costs also get high due to labour costs, potential parts or even an entirely new boiler.

This is why MrFix now introduces fixed rates for standard jobs. for instance, once in a while you request boiler maintenance. During this maintenance visit we carry out a visual check and we immediately check whether the boiler is leaking and it still works decently. While we are at it, we check the safety of the current situation and naturally clean your boiler as well. For this extensive check we charge a fixed amount of €85 (including VAT and call-out charge) and you save yourself considerable trouble. After all, our professional plumber only needs one visit!

Every now and then it is wise to vent and refill the boiler. If you do this regularly you will not experience that rattling noise or other inconveniences. Moreover, the boiler keeps functioning optimally. This is a job that you can outsource to a professional plumber too, as it will only cost you €70 and save you a lot of time. These fixed rates for standard jobs include – just like our regular jobs – a call out charge and VAT. Our professional comes when you desire and more importantly he will fix your job right 1st time.

Save money by dealing with returning jobs in an early stage

Some jobs return every now and then and it is wise to execute these jobs accordingly. This prevents discomforts that arise when you choose not to check your returning jobs regularly. More importantly, a safe and comfortable place to live is so important… stop struggling to catch up and prevent problems by choosing to outsource returning jobs to a professional plumber.