Smart floor knows who’s home

Michiel 4 January 2017

Floor sensors replace traditional security

The founders of Sencorables have developed sensors for floors that improve safety in the care homes. If replacing your floor seems a bit radical, there are alternative smart technologies that require smaller jobs to implement. As an example, think of surveillance cameras doormats with built-in sensors. Floor sensors seem ideal as they do not require continuous monitoring and inform your privacy less than cameras do.

Save money on security

Offices, but in future consumers too, can save quite some money on security and workers that monitor camera footage. The applications of the sensor floors are interesting for many industries. For instance, a store manager wants to know what happens inside his store real time. Other parties, such as offices or ambulance services may want to check the data once every hour or day.

Floor sensors for individuals

The technology was originally developed to monitor elderly people or others that cannot alarm. However, it is not unimaginable that these sensors will eventually substitute camera security in individual homes. When that time comes, we will let you know!