Government should tighten boiler installer requirements

Michiel 18 November 2016

People die in Holland every year due to carbon monoxide leakage

Every year people die from suffocation due to carbon monoxide leakage from boilers. Carbon monoxide is highly toxic and even lethal when people are exposed to high concentrations. The main cause is people failing to check their boilers regularly. A properly checked boiler reduces the risk of carbon monoxide leakages. However, there is another problem: the quality of installers varies strongly. As a layman, you risk hiring a cowboy installer who fails to improve the condition of your boiler and reduce the risk you run.

Stricter competency requirements are a necessity

The Fire Department, but also the Consumers’ Association and UNETO-VNI want to introduce a mandatory quality label for the approval of boilers. At this moment, there is just voluntary labels like OK-cv. In other countries such as the UK installers have to meet strong competency requirements and are obliged to keep retraining in order to meet standards. In The Netherlands we recognise the seriousness of the carbon monoxide leakage problem but the necessary measures have not yet been put in place.

Mandatory label improves resident safety

We strongly believe your safety is paramount, so we fully support the introduction of a strict, mandatory label. Until such a mandatory label is actually there, MrFix comes to the rescue: we always screen our installers before we send them out, so that you are always sure of a safe living environment. A thorough check of your boiler, including cleaning, venting and refilling costs only €85!