Fire by washing machine has major consequence

Michiel 27 October 2016

Washing machine source of fire in The Hague

On the night of Monday to Tuesday, a great fire has raged in a reception centre of the Salvation Army at the Noordpolderkade in The Hague. The fire started in a washing machine and a lot of smoke was released. It is yet unknown what caused the fire in the washing machine, but it is often caused by overheating. This occurs when the electricity of your washing machine is not connected properly, or when too many devices are connected to a single distribution box. When you are having doubts regarding the connection of your electricity it is wise to hire a professional electrician to avoid possible consequences of a fire.

Incorrect connection of electricity can be life threatening

Due to the smoke and the size of the site, the fire department had to scale tot he signal “means fire”. A large part of the reception centre was evacuated and the residents were collected in an adjacent church. Twelve residents were checked by staff of the ambulance service due to smoke inhalation. One of the residents was taken tot he hospital for a comprehensive inspection.

Check your fire safety: plan your MrFix Home Check

Your home is probably your most valuable asset. Things like connecting a washing machine, that appear to be rather innocent, can have serious consequences. To ensure that you can go to sleep without any feeling of doubt, we check your home for any defects. During this Home Check, we pay extra attention to the fire safety of your home. We will also check the child- and burglary safety. While we are at it, we also check the energy efficiency of your house.